Get An Inside View Of All Things Hindu
by Hariram R Aatreya

Here you will find information on Hindu traditions. On current traditions as well as on traditions described in the scriptures.

From the perspective of a follower who has experienced the present technology driven lifestyle. And now rediscovering the traditions as currently practiced and its roots in various texts.

Traditions are invaluable directions that show the way to happiness.

Just as one has faith in the given directions to reach a destination, it helps to have faith in the the traditions in order to attain the destination of happiness.

In the past, elders in the family or people of the community were major sources of tradition. In these times of small and mobile families, this way of transmission is fading out. can be a substitute for some aspects of the fading sources.

Diverse Hindu Traditions

The oldest spiritual system in the world has many variations. 

For example, Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals. But, there are differences in the traditions on why it is observed.

Some traditions observe it as an event in Rama's life while other traditions mark it as an incident in the life of Krishna.

Blind men and the elephantBlind men and the elephant (Associated Artists of Philadelphia/ Public Domain)

Such being the diversity of traditions that make up this entity, my explanations on this topic could be like the proverbial blind man describing the elephant. 

In the sense, that I have only a limited visibility on the vast variations. And even lesser first hand experience of the multiple traditions.

However, I am in touch with fellow blinds and I can refer to my braille (the scriptures) :). If not the whole picture, you can still get a bigger picture!

The idea here, is to present practitioners' views. In addition to addressing the whats, whys, whens, and hows that arise in our minds.

Is this for you

  • Do you have questions on traditions, rites and practices
  • Do you wonder why Diwali is celebrated
  • Do you ask what defines Hinduism
  • Ever dwell on the validity of stem cell research based on the principles of Dharma
  • Would you like to do your Dharma while maintaining a modern lifestyle

then would be of interest to you.

What to expect at

  • Answers to questions on rituals and practices
  • Short videos
  • Information on festivals and deities
  • Stories and values from scriptures
  • Details of pilgrimage sites

Let us pray to Ganesha.

To bless us in our quest to know more about this system.

And in that quest, discover our Self too.

Come, let us explore...

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