Akshaya Tritiya - 1st day of Satya Yuga

On Akshaya Tritiya, act right. And enjoy never-ending rewards. When is it observed ? Summary of what the Puranas say about it...

Never Ending LakeAct right on Akshaya Tritiya. And enjoy never-ending rewards.

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When Akshaya Tritiya

It falls on Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi in the month of Vaishaakha. Which is April or May of each year. Matsya Purana says its more special when Kritika Nakshatra is on the same day.


Akshaya means never-ending. Matsya Purana says -- whatever good deeds you do on this day will result in Akshaya (never-ending) rewards. Hence the name.

Satya Yuga Start

So why is Vaishaakha Shukla Tritiya special. Bhavishya Purana says -- this was the day on which Satya Yuga began.

We are currently in Kali Yuga, the fourth Yuga. Satya is the first (also known as Krita Yuga). The perfect Age. It is the best of the Yugas.

Dharma was perfect. So, were the people. People had to just think of a thing desired and they would obtain it.

There were no diseases. No decay in senses. No jealousy. No wickedness. No enmity. No fear. No grief.

Sanyasa was the ideal for all. All could be in the state of Brahma Jnana.

This Yuga being the ideal among the Yugas and the anniversary of it's start surely is a day to remember the ideals the Yuga stands for.

Hence, Akshaya Tritiya is a very auspicious day.

In Matsya Purana

Matsya Purana is one of the 18 Maha Purana-s. One of its sub-topics is Vrata-s(festivals). The 65th Adhyaya is a small chapter of just seven verses. And they describe Akshaya Tritiya. Its summary:

  • When (see above)
  • Whatever good you do will give Akshaya results
  • Worship through Agni . Or do Japam
  • Or do Puja to Vishnu. Do Anna Daana (donate food)
  • Worship by any one means. 
  • And enjoy the same results of performing Rajasuya Yagna
  • And also your future will be better

My first time

Personally, I had never heard of Akshaya Tritiya until I was almost 30 years. And the first time I heard it was during my initial weekend Veda class I used to attend.

I was then told that on Akshaya Tritiya day, whatever one does would have a many fold effect. So, with all faith, I spent relatively more time on that day chanting the Veda portions I was learning.

To this day, I use this day to review and renew my learning goals.

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