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Lunar Hindu New Year - the day creation started

Lunar Hindu New Year - the moment Bramha started creation. Yugadi, Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Chaitra Pratipad. Also Vasanta Navaratri begins on this day

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Varalakshmi Vratam Origins & History

How Varalakshmi Vratam started ? Uniqueness of this festival. Purana story on it.

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The Hindu Work Cycle

What work cycle do Hindu traditions follow. Is it an alternative to the work week ?

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Hinduism Beliefs - Principles Universal Across Hindu Traditions

What are Hinduism Beliefs ? On God/ Brahman; On Karma & Dharma; On Reincarnation & Moksha.

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Akshaya Tritiya: Enjoy Never-Ending Fruits of Your Actions

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya. Puranas' take on Akshaya Tritiya

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Solar Hindu New Year - Puthandu, Vishu, Baisakhi, Poila Boishakh

Solar Hindu New Year - Bihu, Poila Boishakh, Puthandu. Vishu. Baisakhi. Many names. But the same astronomical event. When Sun enters Mesha Rashi

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Pancha Yagna

Pancha Yagna - the daily hindu worship of five entities. Thanksgiving for our enriched lives. Why worship? How to worship?

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Mahalaya Paksha: Acknowledging Ancestors for Fifteen days

Mahalaya Paksha is a time to thank our ancestors. After all, they are responsible for this body. Like we dedicate days for devatas, this is for our forefathers

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Tamil Panchangam Overview

Tamil Panchangam is a calendar system specific to Tamil speaking population. Characteristics of Tamil calendar. Traditions within it.

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Onam Origins

If Kerala is God's own country, then Onam is God's own festival! Unique festival exclusively celebrated by Malayalam traditions. History. Pookalam. Boat Race

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The World of Hindu Months

Understanding Hindu Months would explain aspects of the traditions. For each calendar system its definition varies. Chaandramaana. Sauramaana. History

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30 Tithi of the Moon

Track days with Tithi. What percent of Hindu festivals are defined by them? Let's explore them and their usage in traditions. Its link with Solar day

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Panchangam - Organizing Time with Moon and Sun

How do you find the date of an upcoming Hindu Festival? Internet? Before Internet era? Panchangam. How different from popular calendar. Time parameters in it.

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Diwali: Festival of Lights, Sounds and Tastes

Diwali is a feast to the five senses. Find out what the Hindu scriptures say about Deepavali. How was it celebrated in the 1950s

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Holi: Sing, Burn, Color, Celebrate

Holi is renewal after negativities get burnt. Reference to it in Bhavishya Purana. Its observation in two states geographically wide apart

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Aadi Month and The Adorable Mother

In the auspicious Aadi month, Devi is worshipped in Tamil traditions. Aadi Velli-s being extra special days. With special celebrations come special food!

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Grateful on Guru Purnima

On Guru Purnima, we thank our spiritual guides, from Bhagavan to the current Guru. Also, this is the start of Chaturmas vrata. Find out more about them ...

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Hindu Festivals - Moon, Sun, When

Why Hindu Festivals? What is common across so many of them? Browse a list of Hindu festivals through the year. Know when each of them are happening next.

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