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Happy Shaarvari & a WhatsApp group -- Newsletter, Issue #011
April 14, 2020

May the year Shaarvari be happy for you

After a long time, I am looking forward to resume my posts on our traditions.
To start with here is an article on:

Solar Hindu New Year

Solar Hindu New Year - Bihu, Poila Boishakh, Puthandu. Vishu. Baisakhi. Many names. But the same astronomical event. When Sun enters Mesha Rashi continue reading....

WhatsApp group -- only admins can post

In the past couple of years, the way I communicate has changed. These days my time on WhatsApp is more than that on emails.

May be you prefer receiving posts like this through WhatsApp. With that in mind, I have started a WhatsApp group. Only admins can send messages in it. And I will post atmost 5 posts a month in that group. Here is what you can do. If you prefer:

  1. only Email - do nothing. You will continue receiving updates through email
  2. both Email & WhatsApp - Click on this link (from your mobile) to join the group. You will receive posts in your Email as well as WhatsApp
  3. only WhatsApp - Click on this link (from your mobile) to join the group AND Click on the link below textIf you wish to remove yourself from this mailing.... And you will get posts only on WhatsApp.

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