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Through the Dhaarmic Glass - Newsletter, Issue #007
October 19, 2016

Through the Dhaarmic Glass

I have been unable to write to you the past two weeks.

The past weeks, I have been teaching the Veda Paathashaalaa students for their 10th standard exams.

While, it took up only a few days, have been unable to get back to the mindset to write on Navaratri and Nakshatra. The topics that I had planned to write on. Instead of forcing myself to write on preplanned topics, it seems easier to share whats on my mind right now.

The students are comfortable writing in Sanskrit. So, except for the English paper, they wrote rest of the exams in Sanskrit. However, the texts were in English. So, teaching them was an adventure for me.

That was the fun part. Then there were jarring moments.

There is a need to systematically explore topics from a Dhaarmic perspective. Thats the conclusion from those jarring moments.

The other day, was teaching them topics on Psychology. There were many theories explained. But then, those theories are based on unsaid assumptions.

Assumptions that contradict the Dhaarmic world-view. Whats Dhaarmic view ?

On life. That life is a cycle. That birth is followed by death. And birth again.

The contrary model could be termed as - life starts with conception/birth. And ends with death.

For physical sciences this model might be good enough. (Though, a case can be made to use Dhaarmic models to look at them too)

But where the mind or the spirit is invoked, such models and theories based on them, don't sound convincing.

At least, it didn't to me. And surely, one such unconvincing entity is this Psychology course material.

This is a course material for 10th standard exam of the National Institute of Open Schooling. It does have a chapter on Yoga, Dhaarmic view of body, mind, etc. But it seems to have been added as an after thought.

So, here I am. Having got in to this to assist the students to get through their exam requirements. I have ended up with an urge to probe these topics from a Dhaarmic angle.


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