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Tithi Way to Count Days -- Newsletter, Issue #002
August 29, 2016

30 Tithi of the Moon

Track days with Tithi. What percent of Hindu festivals are defined by them? Let's explore them and their usage in traditions. Its link with Solar day

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Last week, we discussed Panchangam . Shrimati Kala asks a question related to it:

Question: Why two panchangams from the same region differ? Madathu panchangam and pambu panchangam give different time or date.

Answer: Two reasons for the differences:

1 geography - Madathu panchangam calculates for Kanchi, while Pambu for Thanjavur.

2 rules to calculate - Madathu panchangam calculates based on current observation (drik ganita or drik), while Pambu calculates based on older texts' rules (vaakya). There is always this debate of drik vs vaakya among Panchangam calculators.

Point 2 is the major reason for the variations.

Last week, you would have seen a similar map with the regions that follow Sauramaana. Turns out that Odiya, Punjabi and Haryanvi traditions also use Sauramaana (solar) calendar. So, this is the map with the updated info. Hari.


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