Hinduism Beliefs - On Life & Beyond

Basic beliefs of Hinduism. Dharma. Hindu beliefs about Brahman (God). About Karma, Reincarnation, Moksha.

Hinduism beliefs summary

Hinduism beliefs about

  • Dharma
  • Karma
  • Life, Death, Reincarnation
  • Brahman

This is a very democratic tradition. There are as many beliefs as there are people.

Yet, some of the beliefs are common. The above is the core Hinduism beliefs.

What is Dharma ?

Dharma is the right way. The right way in thought, speech and action. The right way to think. The right way to speak. And the right way to act.

And what are the Hindu beliefs about Dharma? That, it is a must for ones well-being. That following Dharma is a goal in itself. And that Dharma is useful in the pursuit of Moksha. (see below)

Karma - Action & Reaction

For every action, there is a reaction. That is, your current action will have future consequences. This is true in the physical plane. This is also true in the non-physical planes.

If one does punya (good Karma), there will a positive consequence. If one does paapa (bad Karma), one will have to suffer for it.

Life, Death, Reincarnation

Another major belief of Hinduism - Reincarnation. Life is a cycle. One is born. Lives. Dies and is born again. This is Reincarnation. Each life, we live in a body.

You now live in this body in this lifetime. You had many different bodies in the past. One for each life.

At death, you discard this body and move on. To another body. You (Atma) change bodies like you change clothes.

And we are born again and again to live the consequences of our past actions. Of both good and bad Karma. On this earth.

So, this world can be Heaven (when we enjoy for the good Karma). And can be Hell (when we suffer for the bad Karma).

I find it boring to be going around in this cycle. So, whats the escape from it ?


Moksha means release. Release from what ? Release from the cycle of Birth, Life and Death.

Our ultimate purpose in this life should be Moksha. That is, avoid future births.

Brahman / God

Brahman or God is the only one. What is Brahman ?

  1. It is everywhere (infinite in space). You are Brahman. So am I. So is every speck of dust.
  2. It is always present (infinite in time). Never born. Never dead.
  3. It is changeless. Doesn't get old. Doesn't decay. Doesn't mutate.

Brahman is always It in Sanskrit and other Indian languages. Never a he nor a she. Always gender neutral.

If God is the only one, what about the multiple Gods ? And the thirty-three crore Gods ?

When God is everything, it is also every form imagined. And every form not yet imagined. And hence is also those thirty-three crore forms and many more.

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